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Oosterbeek Humus

Bark supplier for the wholesale market

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Welcome to Oosterbeek Humusproducten’s website, producers of excellent quality bark for over 40 years. We source our bark from sawmills in France, Germany and the Netherlands and we exclusively supply the wholesale market.

Oosterbeek Humusproducten processes over 100.000 m3 of bark every year using modern, fully automated sieve lines and filling lines. We supply different grades in various bark fractions, which can be packaged in 18 to 80 litre bags. Or indeed in your own packaging, if so required. We also offer the possibility for our bark to be packaged in big bags.

Our bark is used for a variety of different purposes, like garden decorations, in terrariums, as substrate, for substrate mixtures and covering bark for nurseries.

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