Oosterbeek Humus
Oosterbeek Humus


4 modern sieve lines
Oosterbeek Humusproducten’s bark comes from sawmills in France, Germany and the Netherlands. The material is delivered using walking floors. The bulk material is subsequently processed in our production hall (sieved and ground) on 4 modern sieve lines. The processed product is then briefly stored in storage bunkers in order to subsequently be packed.

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2 automatic filling lines
This bagging or packaging is done using 2 fully automated filling lines with a capacity of approximately 30 pallets per hour. Bags ranging from 18 to 80 litres can be filled, plus the foil can be changed at any point in time.

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Using own packaging
Oosterbeek Humusproducten also offers the possibility of using your own label/packaging. Or we could design, or arrange for the design of, new packaging, if so required. We look forward to assisting you with an extensive range of services. Just ask about the possibilities.

Bulk packaging
Oosterbeek Humusproducten can also supply its products in mega packaging, the so-called Big Bags, in order to optimally meet market demands. Please ask us about the possibilities on offer.

The pallet ready products are added to our stock and are subsequently prepared for transport to the European wholesale/brokering markets. Its large storage facilities allow Oosterbeek Humusproducten to always deliver its products from stock. Oosterbeek Humusproducten receives a few requests from outside of the EU every year. A great challenge to promote bark as a natural ground covering product in countries where this fantastic product is still relatively unknown!

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