Oosterbeek Humus
Oosterbeek Humus


René Oosterbeek started processing pine needles and beech leaves back in 1972. The materials were taken out of the forests using a truck and crane. At that time the products were being used by the compost industry. The first request for bark was received at the end of the nineteen seventies. This was sourced from the Netherlands and Germany, sieved by Oosterbeek and subsequently resold.

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Oosterbeek bought a 4500m2 plot of land along the Industrieweg in Neede in 1979, in order to start processing bark at a much larger scale. The demand for bark was already noticeably increasing at that time. Oosterbeek Humusproducten purchased a second plot of land along the Industrieweg shortly after this, to allow it to sieve and ship even more bark.

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An interest in the top quality Pinus Maritime, or rather French bark, started to arouse at the end of the nineteen eighties. The first request for bagged or packaged bark came in 1993. This resulted in a change in the activities. Whereas everything used to be sold in bulk, we were now having to fill bags. Oosterbeek Humusproducten’s first filling line had a capacity of approximately 1 pallet per hour (now 30!).

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The demand for bagged products continued to increase and a semi-automated filling line was purchased in 1995. The capacity appeared to be insufficient within just a few years and the first fully automated filling line was subsequently installed by Oosterbeek Humusproducten. The automated filling line ensured the pallet capacity could continue to grow. The building of a new factory along the Koopmansweg in Neede commenced in 1997, in order to satisfy demand. This new 3.5 hectare site has given Oosterbeek Humusproducten the required storage facilities for its finished products.

To date, all of Oosterbeek Humusproducten’s business activities have taken place at the Koopmansweg. The 2 plots along the Industrieweg are being used for storage purposes. Oosterbeek Humusproducten has developed into a stable producer of packaged bark, which stands for quality in the broadest sense of the word, over the past 40 years. Our sieving installations process over 100.000 m3 of bark (70% Pinus Maritime and 30% Mixture) on an annual basis, which is subsequently bagged using 2 fully automated filling lines. Oosterbeek Humusproducten’s products are currently supplied via various wholesalers throughout the whole of Europe.